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Our 4-Day Interlaken Itinerary for Millennials is Legit

Yo, are you ready to hit up the natural wonders of Switzerland? Interlaken is where they’re at.

So Interlaken is a nature lover’s dream come true, nestled right between two gorgeous lakes. And it’s the perfect gateway to the peaks of the Bernese Alps.

Our 4-day itinerary will take you on a journey you'll never forget, with epic views and adrenaline-packed adventures. Grab your hiking boots, buckle up, and get ready for the ultimate trip through the heart of Switzerland!

Here’s our perfect Interlaken itinerary for Millennials:

Day 1: Gramming the Harder Kulm

Rise and shine; it's time to head to the tippy-top of Interlaken! After a solid breakfast, hop on the funicular railway to the top of Harder Kulm. This lookout point above Interlaken has some sick views of the Bernese Alps, the two lakes, and the town below.

Harder Kulm is a smooth excursion for easing into your Swiss adventures. You’ll want to get selfies from the lookout ramp for the gram…

Back in town, grab some lunch at the Coop or Migros grocers. And while you’re at it, buy some snacks for the afternoon. You can save a buck by buying stuff from the “Prix Garantie” and “M-Budget” product lines.

Next up, you’ll hit the St. Beatus Caves above Lake Thun.

This network of fascinating subterranean caves is just a quick ride from Interlaken on a yellow postal bus. Take a guided tour to learn about the cave's history and geology. And be amazed by the gnarly formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

If caves scare the bejeezus out of you, try the Giessbach Waterfall instead. This hidden gem is easy to reach from Interlaken, too. Meiringen offers a cool story angle involving Sherlock Holmes. Climb to the top of the falls (but don’t fall!) and visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Sherlock Holmes Museum in Meiringen, Switzerland

When evening rolls around, it's time to get fancy. Brasserie 17 in the Hotel Royal St. Georges is the place to be for some scrumptious Swiss and French cuisine. You'll feel like royalty in this elegant setting.

Day 2: The Top of Europe and Chocolate Heaven

Today will be off the hook! We're taking you to the top of Jungfraujoch, a.k.a. the "Top of Europe." This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the highest railway station in Europe.

Think of this as a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list-type adventure.

The train ride through the mountains and glaciers alone is worth the trip. And once you've reached the top, prepare to have your mind blown by the views of the mighty Aletsch Glacier. Don’t forget to wear layers and sunglasses, as you’ll be scraping the sky up there!

Spend plenty of time in this frozen world. Snow fight!

Once back in town, drop those layers and head to the Funky Chocolate Club in Interlaken. You’ll learn about the history of Swiss chocolate and must treat yourself to a chocolate tasting.

Dinner time! Restaurant Taverne in the Hotel Krebs is the place to go for some traditional Swiss dishes and a fantastic selection of wine. Prosit!

Day 3: Unreal views of the Bernese Alps (and a lake cruise)

Get up early to catch the scenic train ride from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte.

This mountain ridge high above Interlaken offers unreal views of the surrounding peaks. It's a great spot for hiking, so bring your walking shoes and pack a lunch.

If you're lucky, you’ll be greeted by alphorns at the top. Then, sniff the herbs in the alpine garden. We recommend the loop trail that takes you to the ridge and back to the train station. You haven’t been to Schynige Platte without walking at least the loop.

In the afternoon, kick back and relax with a cruise on Lake Thun or Lake Brienz. Take in the beauty of the lakes and mountains from the water. It's the perfect way to unwind after a busy morning.

Once back in Interlaken, stop by the Instagrammable Garden of Friendship. This Japanese Zen garden is legit!

Then, for a huge selection of affordable souvenirs, try the Edelweiss Shop at the Interlaken West train station. This outlet never disappoints and has everything from sunglasses to tacky Swiss snowglobes.

For dinner, hit up the wallet-friendly X-port Pizzeria for some Italian grub made with local ingredients. Think pizza, pasta… The works!

Day 4: Mountain Adventures and Swiss Culture

We're not done yet, baby! On your last day, you gotta hit up Grindelwald-First, an epic ski resort in the winter and an awesome spot for hiking and mountain biking in the summer.

Take the gondola up and soak up the views. And if you're feeling daring, try the First Flyer. This zip line spans 800 meters across the mountain. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush.

If you’ve overslept, though, skip Grindelwald and head straight to the Ballenberg Open Air Museum. This outdoor museum is easy enough to reach, teaching you all about Swiss rural life and architecture.

Take a guided tour and check out the traditional buildings from all over Switzerland. Trust us; this place is filled to the brim with photo ops.

You’re going to end your trip on a high note. For your last night in Interlaken, it's time to get fancy. Grand Café-Restaurant Schuh in the Hotel Bellevue is your chance to check some Swiss foods off your bucket list: sliced veal Zurich style, local pork sausage, or melted raclette cheese, anyone?

Back at the hotel, kick back and watch “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” on Netflix. It has nothing to do with the Grindelwald you’ve visited. Is there a better time to watch it, though?

What are cheap places to stay in Interlaken?

So, you wanna find some cool and budget-friendly places to crash in Interlaken, right? I gotcha! After doing a quick search, I found these super dope options for you:

  • Balmers Hostel: This place is lit, with a chill vibe and budget-friendly prices. Popular among youngsters.
  • Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof: Comfy and affordable, plus free breakfast and wifi. Score!
  • Interlaken Camping: Wanna sleep under the stars? This campsite's got you covered. Cheap and close to nature, it's perfect for adventurers.
  • Couchsurfing: Meet cool locals and save some bucks by crashing on their couches. Make friends and get insider tips, win-win!

Have a blast, and don't forget to share your epic adventures! 🤘😄


Interlaken is straight-up amazing, with something for everyone. It’s the perfect hub to hang out and explore the Bernese Alps in just four days:

  • Day 1 is all about getting high.
  • Day 2 takes you to the "Top of Europe."
  • Day 3 is all about the unreal views of the Bernese Alps.
  • Day 4 is about adrenaline kicks and Swiss culture.

This place is obviously lit, and you won't regret hitting up all the spots on this 4-day Interlaken itinerary for Millennials. So, book those tickets and get ready for an epic journey!

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Dimitri Burkhard

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