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My Bottoms are Covered in Edelweiss

Swiss Underwear

You will never guess what I found yesterday at a Swiss department store!

A life-sized bull wearing Swiss-themed underwear.

Looks like they’re all the rage, among tourists and Swiss natives. I took my sweet time looking at them, and I was truly fascinated. Bodysuits all in red, covered with little white Swiss crosses. Bold patterns of Edelweiss. An entire landscape of a Swiss alp with huts, cows, shepherds.


For Kids (and Adults)

The result is an instant overload of cuteness for kids' underwear. Because really, who wouldn’t want to dress up their innocent kids in flashy onesies that make them look like a teeny tiny Heidi fan?

Then comes the awkward factor, because you think about the adult version of these pieces of clothing. And the display of that huge bull, covering his hinder parts with a cow-themed pair of briefs, is both hysterically funny and a bit too much.


Moral Questions

Swiss Underwear

Who would want to cover his or her loins with a pattern of black Edelweiss? Is that really what you want your partner to see when you get naked?

And also, how would you feel spending your day at the office in a suit, and secretly knowing that under your clothes, there are cows grazing in a quaint Swiss village?

Just in case you were wondering, these are not novelty items. Sure, there is a novelty quality to them, but they are high-quality, Swiss made, good cotton, expensive underwear. And it looks like they appeal to the general public, given their proud display at the entrance of a very popular department store...


Your Turn...

So, would you buy them? Or else, would you wear a similar set of underwear themed to your own country? I personally think that only the Swiss would wear such patriotic underwear.

What do you think?

Swiss Underwear

Update: I did a quick check on the manufacturer's website and it looks like they also have them in a cow patch pattern. Wow. There goes your next gift to your partner!


Alessandra is a "kinda creative gal" who came from Milano to live in Lugano. She loves vintage stuff, photography, street art, and typography. She eats a lot of spaghetti, drinks coffee all day long, and shares her unique insights with you!


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