Spoontano Dinner

How Spoontano connects Expats and Locals

Willing to meet other young professional but tired of your group of expats? The answer is Spoontano, a social platform that matches open-minded people...
Swiss Recycling on a Sunday

7 Little Ways to Tick off the Swiss

Have you ever found the Swiss give you weird looks when laughing a little too loudly? Welcome to the world of cultural differences! To tick off the Swiss...
Frau Gerolds Garten Zürich

How to Meet Expats in Switzerland (by InterNations)

Have you recently moved to Switzerland or are planning to do so in the near future? The lives of expats in Switzerland are...
Marathon Gespräche - Episode 1

Marathon Gespräche: Talking to "Foreigners" in Switzerland

Switzerland has been getting more attention than usual, so we came up with the idea of Marathon Gespräche: A conversation series...
Living in Zurich (Copyright by Gsell Photography)

Living in Zurich

Moving to a new city can be daunting, and integration is not always easy. This is especially true for women...
Who Killed Johnny (2013)

Who Killed Johnny - Swiss Expats in L.A. (Review)

They are eager to make it big by writing a script for a Hollywood blockbuster. But life in Los Angeles for the two Swiss expatriates is...
How to Make Friends in Switzerland - Interlaken

How to Make Friends in Switzerland (by InterNations)

Switzerland with its 26 cantons, its love for safety and cleanliness, and its low taxes, attracts countless expatriates each year...
11 Things Americans Can Learn From The Swiss

11 Things Americans Can Learn From The Swiss

Most Americans relate Switzerland to clever knives, Heidi, and secret bank vaults, but there’s a lot more the Swiss can teach us about how they achieve such a high quality of life...
11 Things Americans Can Learn From The Swiss

As Different as Milk and Shake

As we leave the retro American diner near the river, I reminisce about all the other times I tried to find what I’m looking for. “I just don’t understand,” I tell my husband while finding our way back to the car. “This is the land of milk and chocolate. How could a milkshake go so wrong?”