Unspunnen Festival 2017

We found alphorns, flags and stones at Unspunnen Festival

It takes place only every twelve years: The Unspunnen Festival that hosts several traditional Swiss sports such as wrestling or stone throwing...

Khurum Khan took his drone to Switzerland, and here's the result

When I first encountered Khurum Khan's photographs from Switzerland, I knew there was something special about the man who pressed that shutter...
Kleine Scheidegg - Copyright by Rio Akasaka

These pics from Kleine Scheidegg will take your breath away

It's 5:17 AM in the morning and I'm on the first train out to Bern, where I'll be connecting to Interlaken, Grindelwald and finally to Kleine Scheidegg...
Indoor Skiing Interlaken

7 weird things found in Switzerland

While entirely subjective, texting cows and indoor skiing are "weird" where I come from...
Ballenberg Outdoor Museum

Visiting Ballenberg in Brienz - Switzerland's Outdoor Museum

Hands up who thinks of Heidi when thinking of Switzerland! Trouble is, when you move here and become an expat in Geneva, Zurich or any other modern Swiss city, you lose sight of the country’s most evocative and enchanting cliché...
Harderpotschete Interlaken Switzerland

Harder Potschete is a New Year's tradition from Interlaken

The ghosts of the past are alive and well in Interlaken. For over 50 years, the town has been celebrating the Harder Potscheten – a New Year’s festival...
What to see in Switzerland

What to see on a 5-day trip to Switzerland

Switzerland is undoubtedly the most beautiful place that I have ever visited! Here are some tips on what to see on a 5 day trip to Switzerland...