Wolkenbruch Film Review

Our review of “Wolkenbruch”, the Swiss blockbuster of 2018

"Wolkenbruch's Wondrous Journey into the Arms of a Shiksa" is a romantic comedy about a young orthodox Jew in Zürich.
Blue My Mind Swiss Film

Our review of "Blue My Mind", the Swiss film about teenage angst

First screened at the Zurich Film Festival, "Blue My Mind" has received the Golden Eye Award and the Critics Choice Awards...
Heimatland Movie

Heimatland/Wonderland (Movie Review)

With the arrival of autumn, a mysterious dark cloud is emerging from central Switzerland. In "Heimatland", the country is in a state of emergency...
Chrieg Film (2015)

Chrieg - War (Movie Review)

Matteo is an attractive but somewhat frail teenager. His parents send him to a remote alp, where a bitter surprise awaits him. The movie "Chrieg" is...
Freifall - Eine Liebesgeschichte

Free Falling - Freifall Eine Liebesgeschichte (Movie Review)

In order to understand the Swiss documentary Free Falling, you have to listen to the author and protagonist Mirjam Von Arx...
Schweizer Helden Film

Schweizer Helden - Swiss Heroes (Movie Review)

Posters for the latest Swiss movie, Schweizer Helden, have been up for weeks. It is the story of Sabine, a housewife who has recently...
Der Koch - The Cook - Martin Suter

Der Koch - The Cook (Movie Review)

Love goes through the stomach: The latest Swiss movie production is Der Koch, based on a popular novel. It is the story of Maravan and Andrea...
Swiss Life: 30 Things I Wish I'd Known - Chantal Panozzo

Swiss Life: 30 Things I Wish I’d Known (Book Review)

After arriving in Switzerland, Chantal Panozzo quickly discovered that a building's laundry room can be a crucible of learning about Swiss...
Der Goalie bin ig (2014)

Der Goalie bin ig - I'm the Goal Keeper (Movie Review)

We are at the end of the eighties, and Ernst (whom everyone calls Goalie) returns to the small town of Schummertal after spending a year in prison...