Bern Tram

A guide to Switzerland's most scenic tram and bus rides

What is the best way to see a city? On foot, by bicycle, on a tour or aboard a sightseeing bus? We think that public transportation offers the best sightseeing.
Gottardo 2016 - Rail Tunnel

15 mind-blowing figures about the Gotthard Base Tunnel

The deepest point of the Gotthard Base Tunnel is 2.3 km below the Alps - that's 1.5 times the depth of the Grand Canyon...
Lake Geneva Commuting by Boat

The day I commuted to work by boat. Across a national border. For "free."

Here are two facts about Switzerland: As a small, landlocked country, it has plenty of borders. And it is public transport heaven...
Châtelard Line - gschieneschweiz

5 jaw-dropping train journeys in Switzerland

Whether you are a resident or a tourist, these five Swiss train journeys require just a Swiss Travel Pass. Hop on and enjoy the ride...
ZVV Anniversary - Zurich Main-Station

Congratulations to 25 Years of Zürich Public Transportation

I'm a great admirer of public transportation. For their 25th anniversary, the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV) is making a big gesture...
Xrot 9213 Rhätische Bahn

Switzerland's spectacular Xrot snow plow train

When the red coaches of the Rhaetian Railway snake across dozens of viaducts in the majestic Grison Alps, the heart of any train lover will skip a beat...
Chinese Tourists - Zurich

Mountains, Lakes and Trains: How Chinese Tourists View Switzerland

When visiting Switzerland, Chinese tourists tend to capture photographs of majestic mountains, cutesy villages and iconic chocolate bars....
Swiss License Plates

High Prices for Low Numbers

What do BS, VD, and AI have in common? If you’re not from Switzerland, you might be trying to imagine a crazy story featuring humanistic robots...
Train Fever - Swiss Videogame

Train Fever - A Truly Swiss Video Game

Anyone who lives in Switzerland or has ever visited the small Alpine nation will swarm about how fantastic the rail system is. Train Fever is one of the largest and most intricate games ever developed in Switzerland...