Xrot 9213 Rhätische Bahn

Switzerland's Spectacular Xrot Snow Plough Train

When the red coaches of the Rhaetian Railway snake across dozens of viaducts in the majestic Grison Alps, the heart of any train lover will skip a beat...
Chinese Tourists - Zurich

Mountains, Lakes and Trains: How Chinese Tourists View Switzerland

When visiting Switzerland, Chinese tourists tend to capture photographs of majestic mountains, cutesy villages and iconic chocolate bars....
Swiss License Plates

High Prices for Low Numbers

What do BS, VD, and AI have in common? If you’re not from Switzerland, you might be trying to imagine a crazy story featuring humanistic robots...
Train Fever - Swiss Videogame

Train Fever - A Truly Swiss Video Game

Anyone who lives in Switzerland or has ever visited the small Alpine nation will swarm about how fantastic the rail system is. Train Fever is one of the largest and most intricate games ever developed in Switzerland...
Zurich Tram Museum

Visiting the Tram Museum in Zürich

On a recent weekend in Zürich, a vintage tram caught our attention. As it turned out, the Tram Museum has its own line which picks up visitors at various spots throughout town during the last weekend of each month...
Spotted in Zurich - Toefflibuebe

Finding Joy in Slowness: Töfflibuebe in Zürich

For the two Töfflibuebe in the middle of Zürich’s traffic on a recent weekend, it was about the journey and not the destination. In fact, these two motorcycle aficionados...
Swiss Postal Busses - Postauto

A Primer on Swiss Postal Buses

If you want to experience a classical Swiss „Postauto“ bus in real life, simply take public transportation to a mountainous region of Switzerland! You are most likely going to curve up the narrow mountain street in one of these...

Wind in the Hair, Sun in the Face on Mt. Stanserhorn

A cabin with an open upper deck: The Stanserhorn Cablecar near Lucerne operates the world’s first topless cable car...

4 Virtual Ways of Touring Switzerland

Nothing beats breathing the fresh air, tasting the crystal clear mountain water, or feeling the thrill of crossing dozens of viaducts and bridges by train! But in order to help you bridge the gap until your next visit, we have compiled some of the coolest ways of touring Switzerland – virtually! So take a moment, sit back and press “Play”...