Bad Egg, Switzerland

Here are 10 more hilarious Swiss town names

You don't have to put yourself in Bill Murray's position sitting on a hotel bed in Tokyo to be lost in translation. The hilarious Swiss town names will...
Indoor Skiing Interlaken

7 weird things found in Switzerland

While entirely subjective, texting cows and indoor skiing are "weird" where I come from...

Meanwhile, in Switzerland... (Oddity News)

Reporting live from Switzerland, here is a random collection…
If Switzerland Were Invaded By Aliens

If Switzerland Were Invaded by Aliens

Have you ever wondered what Switzerland would look like under an alien attack? We wondered, so we researched it and found some eerily convincing evidence...
Bizarre Swiss Festivals

Bizarre Festivals of Switzerland

There is no doubt that these festivals pass as completely normal for 99% of Swiss. However, they may seem totally bizarre to you...

Swiss Drivers Steal Fallen Melons

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Smart Monster Truck

8 Creative Smart Car Modifications

Often discounted as Cozy Coupes with horsepower, thousands of tiny Smart cars are whizzing about on Swiss roads! They would simply not fit a 24-pack of toilet paper, unless the Smart had undergone one of these cool modifications which would probably make inventor and late Swatch CEO Nicolas Hayek turn in his grave...

World’s Worst Parking Job in Switzerland!

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10 things that are (strangely) legal in Switzerland

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