US Embassy Geneva, Switzerland

3 Secrets about NSA's Spy Hub in Geneva

As a global hub for humanitarian organizations, Switzerland's second biggest city Geneva seems like a logical choice as an NSA spying target... - Swiss e-Wine Revolution - Revolutionary Swiss Wine Subscription

Wine is hard to understand: There are too many choices, and wine is for snobs., a Swiss wine subscription, is leading a revolution to bring wine to the masses...
Inferno Soap Box Derby 2013

Swiss Daredevils at the Inferno Soap Box Derby 2013

Soap box derbies were certainly not invented in Switzerland. But this tradition from the last century has never really lost its popularity around here...
Essential Hair Zürich

Get your Color on at Essential Hair in Zürich!

We are moving well into autumn... The short summer has left me yearning for some sparkle and shine for my depressed locks, so off I go to Essential Hair!
Vidis Kochtuete Cooking Kit

Vidi's Kochtüte - Cooking Kits for Newly Swissed

When you come home late from work, it is always good to see a fridge that someone stocked with love and care. Meet cooking kits for three meals a week: Vidis Kochtüte...
Live Escape Game in Zurich

Every Second Counts at the Live Escape Game in Zürich

We are trapped in a movie theater - in the dark! We have 59 minutes and 59 seconds to beat this live escape game! Go!
Achtung Fertig WK (2013)

Achtung, fertig, WK! Swiss Military Comedy Reloaded (Movie Review)

In order to please the father of his pregnant girlfriend Anna, young Alex must overcome three weeks in the Swiss military with no proper training...
Rivista Lugano - Vintage Ticino Magazine

1930's Vintage Magazine from Ticino

Being a fanatic of vintage design, typography and printed goods, I got hooked the minute I spotted this vintage magazine at a supermarket stand...
Kleine Scheidegg - Copyright by Rio Akasaka

These pics from Kleine Scheidegg will take your breath away

It's 5:17 AM in the morning and I'm on the first train out to Bern, where I'll be connecting to Interlaken, Grindelwald and finally to Kleine Scheidegg...