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Chefs on the Mountain: Pushing the Boundaries (Saas-Fee)

The Capra Saas-Fee Lomattenstrasse 6, Saas-Fee, Valais

The culinary weekends at The Capra Saas-Fee are coming back with a mouthwatering premise: pushing the boundaries! It's time for Chefs on the Mountain.


“Hanami” Celebration with Japanese Food (Basel)

Restaurant Noohn Henric Petri-Strasse 12, Basel

The days are getting longer and the world is blooming in color. For one night in Basel, we will get to experience a glimpse of the Japanese hanami...


Champagne & Friends Tasting Event in Zürich

Gustav Zürich Gustav-Gull-Platz 5, Zürich, ZH

The premier champagne event in Zürich features 70 varieties of champagne, as well as food pairings from heaven.


Soulfood Festival Baden

Various Locations in Baden Baden, AG

From pop-up nibbles to a market for gourmands: the Soul Food Festival in Baden promises to please the foodies of the world. This year's theme is healthy...


Community Christmas in the heart of Zurich

There is no reason to be spending Christmas alone in Zürich! That's because one of our favorite new eateries is hosting a community Christmas.


David’s Table at Restaurant Opera in Zürich

Restaurant Opera Dufourstrasse 2, Zürich, ZH

Wild onion, beech sprouts and fir-honey: they're delicious natural ingredients that have been lost in time. Meet David Krüger, the innovative chef...


Fête du Vignoble Winegrowers’ Festival in Geneva

Various Locations in Geneva Geneva, GE

Geneva is more than a city; this small canton has an abundance of vineyards, too. Last summer, we had the chance to venture away from the main action as part […]


Dolder Lodge meets St. Moritz (Zürich)

This winter, Adlisberg and St. Moritz are coming together at the Dolder Lodge. The pop-up by Heiko Nieder is Zürich's coolest ski lodge.

Turicum Gin Workshop Train (Zürich)

Zurich Main Station Bahnhofplatz, Zurich, ZH

Jump on the Turicum Gin Workshop train on Feb 12, 2022. Departing from Zurich main station, you'll blend a gin as singular as you are.


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