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17 things you’ll never hear a Swiss person say (ever!)

Are you ready to learn some unexpected things about the Swiss psyche?

This is a fun collection of Swiss quotes you'll never hear a Swiss person say. From their love for punctuality to their famous chocolate, we'll explore the unique quirks and characteristics that make the Swiss who they are.

Not only will you learn something new about the fascinating Swiss culture, but you'll also gain a deeper understanding of the Swiss way of life and what makes them so unique.

17 things you'll never hear a Swiss person say:

"One month of pure sunshine - when will this end?" ☀️

"I'd like more paid holidays." 🤑

"This tap water tastes like chemicals." 💦

"This cheese is too stinky!" 🧀

Stinky Swiss Cheese

"30 francs for a pizza margherita? That's a deal!" 😍

"I don't mind washing my clothes in a shared laundry machine. After all, sharing is caring!" 🗓️

Shared Swiss Laundry Room

"We'll probably win at Eurovision this time." 🎤

"I miss DJ Bobo." 🧑‍🎤

"I love taking sick days when I'm not actually that sick." 😷

"Let's talk about my salary." 😃

"I have cheated on my tax return." 🙈

"I will take the lower price option." 💰

"Free samples! Sure, I'll try some." 🤩

"Wow, I've never thought of doing it like that before. Let me give this a try!" 🤓

"Let's head to the airport and catch a flight to a place we've never been!" ✈️

Zurich Airport ZRH

"I never carry Aromat on my travels." 🤷

"Belgian chocolate is delicious." 🍫

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