Swiss Junk Yard in Kaufdorf

There used to be a junk yard with vintage cars near Bern

There is a car for every two Swiss. Up until 2009, Kaufdorf in the canton of Bern used to push that average up by much because of their vintage junk yard...
Vintage Automotive Car Posters Geneva Motor Show

Vintage Automotive Posters that'll put you in the Driver's Seat

It's impossible to walk past the display windows of vintage poster specialists Galerie Un-Deux-Trois in Geneva without stopping to stare...

Tiny Cars in Switzerland (Sponsored Video)

I have always had somewhat of a weak spot for tiny cars, whether in Japan or in Switzerland. It makes sense that the narrower the streets, the smaller the cars...
Swiss Safety Deposit Box for Luxury Cars

Swiss Safe Deposit Box for Luxury Cars

It is no secret that Switzerland is full of expensive cars, because many owners are not afraid to show them off any chance they get...
Swiss License Plates

High Prices for Low Numbers

What do BS, VD, and AI have in common? If you’re not from Switzerland, you might be trying to imagine a crazy story featuring humanistic robots...

Coolest Vehicles Spotted on the Streets of Zürich

Whether during the day or at night, a stroll through Zürich will inadvertently reveal some cool cars, sweet rides and simply odd vehicles...

One Incredibly Versatile Swiss Concept Car

Swiss automotive designer Rinspeed is going to present the sophisticated “Dock+Go” mobility concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Its electric car with modular packs features three axles, but only if you need them…
Annecy Venetian Carnival

Unmissable March Events in (and Around) Geneva

The month of March in Geneva marks not only the gentle awakening of nature leading into spring, but also the opening of some unmissable events that decidedly bring the city of international diplomacy out of its winter lull.
Swiss Volvo with a woodburning stove

This Swiss guy installed a wood-burning stove in his Volvo

I never thought that someone would pimp a 1990 Volvo 240 station wagon with a wood burning stove! However, this Swiss guy did - and got it approved...