Der Goalie bin ig (2014)

Der Goalie bin ig - I'm the Goal Keeper (Movie Review)

We are at the end of the eighties, and Ernst (whom everyone calls Goalie) returns to the small town of Schummertal after spending a year in prison...
Akte Grüninger Movie 2014

Akte Grüninger - Schindler's List Made in Switzerland (Review)

February, 1939: Switzerland closes its borders to Jewish refugees. However, hundreds of people continue to cross the border without a valid visa...
Recycling Lily (2013)

Recycling Lily - A Swiss Feel Good Comedy (Movie Review)

Hansjörg is a rubbish inspector. He fastidiously ensures that everyone abides by the rules. Meanwhile, he is in pursuit of an unidentified transgressor...
Achtung Fertig WK (2013)

Achtung, fertig, WK! Swiss Military Comedy Reloaded (Movie Review)

In order to please the father of his pregnant girlfriend Anna, young Alex must overcome three weeks in the Swiss military with no proper training...
Das kleine Gespenst (2013)

The Little Ghost - Casper Made in Switzerland (Movie Review)

For a long time, a little ghost had been living in the attic of a castle. Its greatest wish was to see the world by the light of day, but its attempts were all in vain.
Lovely Louise - The Brother from the USA

Lovely Louise - The Brother from the USA (Review)

André is 55 and still lives with his 80-year-old mother Louise, an actress: Lovely Louise. He leads an unspectacular life as a taxi driver and can't seem...
The Foster Boy (2011)

The Foster Boy (Review)

This captivating drama by Markus Imboden sheds light on a dark chapter in Swiss history. For generations...
Who Killed Johnny (2013)

Who Killed Johnny - Swiss Expats in L.A. (Review)

They are eager to make it big by writing a script for a Hollywood blockbuster. But life in Los Angeles for the two Swiss expatriates is...