Black&Blaze Coffee Ads

This Swiss Coffee Brand Uses Ads that "Turn you On"

The Black&Blaze Coffee Roasting Company was founded by a Zürich based photographer with a passion: Claude Stahel. This Swiss coffee brand...
Pro Infirmis - Get Closer Video

"Because who is perfect?" - An Inspirational Campaign by Pro Infirmis

Pro Infirmis, a Swiss charity working to aid the integration of people with so-called "disabilities", has launched an inspirational campaign...
More Fun in Switzerland - Commuting

15 reasons why it's more fun in Switzerland

It all started in Switzerland. Then it spread to the Philippines. And now it has come full circle back to Switzerland! We are talking about the slogan "It's More Fun in Switzerland"...
smile direct Advertisement

5 Noteworthy Swiss Advertisement Campaigns

Right along this way for the latest in Swiss advertising...
Och Sport Campaign 2012

Some good reasons to do sports

When 93-year-old Dr. Charles Eugster, a British-Swiss dentist, took the stage at TEDxZurich, few knew what to expect. The audience was blown away with Dr. Eugster’s vitality and passion for his topic...

Swine Fiction: How a Campaign Came to Life

During a recent ski patrol on top of a glacier, an employee of Zermatt’s mountain railways had a surreal encounter with a boar. The irony of this story is that...
Swiss Advertisements from the 1980's

15 Swiss Advertisements from the 1980's

It’s a blast from the past! My new favorite design blog von gestern has collected some of the most retro looking Swiss advertisements from the 1980′s...
Zoo Zürich - Elephant Fundraiser

More Clever Swiss Ad Campaigns

Fresh off the billboards of Switzerland, here is the latest batch of advertisements that are noteworthy...

6 Clever Insurance Ads with Wordplay Is Fun

I was drawn to this clever series of advertisements by Swiss Life. Covering examples of life’s twists and turns, I find these ads pretty risqué - yet ingenious!...