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Radio Man - Swiss Yodeling Robot

Radio Man is a Swiss robot that actually yodels

So we fell in love with this quirky robot man from the past. That's because it features some of the finest Swiss engineering - and it yodels...
Zero Star Hotel in Teufen, Switzerland

This Zero Star Hotel offers views of the universe

Imagine a queen size bed with fine Egyptian linen sheets. Now, remove the walls of your suite. Et voilà: You're staying the night at the Zero Star Hotel...
Swiss Town Bans Photographing

This Swiss town temporarily banned tourists from photographing

Beautiful flowers, mountains and cows: There is so much beauty in Bergün, it is quite unbearable! As of this May, the town banned tourists from taking...
Mammoth Raft Race in Thurgau (2016)

This River Raft Race in Switzerland is Nuts!

For more than 40 years, people in Thurgau have gathered on the banks of the Sitter and Thur rivers to watch the colorful River Raft Race...
CNN Geography Fail - Switzerland

15 more ways to piss off the Swiss

With more than 6000 social shares, "19 Ways to Piss off the Swiss" is among the most popular posts ever. Time for more ways to piss off the Swiss...
Adidas Adilette Sandals

19 More Signs That You’re Becoming Swiss

Your friends have just announced a visit, and you think: "Gotta clean that apartment before they get here!" That's a sign that you're becoming Swiss...
Emmentaler Car

13 photographs that make you say "Only in Switzerland!"

Sometimes, all the words in the world cannot describe a single photograph. There is a literal "cheese wheel" which makes you exclaim: "Only in Switzerland!"
Google Street View Fail Switzerland

More Google Street View FAILS in Switzerland

The Swiss closely guard their privacy, so Google Street View has been frozen in time. But finally, a long overdue update has arrived: Bridges, streets,...
Switzerland Chalet in Muerren

21 Signs that You Should Never Travel to Switzerland

If you are seriously considering to travel to Switzerland, make sure to pass these surefire signs. We wouldn't want you to have the wrong expectations...