Lavaux Passion is not only a wine tasting event, but an awakening of the senses

Lavaux Passion - Boat on dock

Nourishment of the senses is what comes to mind when I think of Lavaux Passion.

Unlike a typical wine event, which is mainly focused on tasting, socializing and a bit of flirting, it is an event with a sumptuous smorgasbord of workshops, culture, lectures, guided visits and cruises amidst the wine.

When and where?

Lavaux Passion is held annually in Lavaux in the Vaud canton, with its awe inspiring cross hatch of terraced vineyards that rise up and sweep along the lake edge. It is no wonder that Lavaux is one of the wine areas which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (If you have not been there, you must put it on your bucket list.)

Lavaux Passion - View of the Shoreline

This two day wine event takes place every summer. Passionate and enthusiastic local wine growers and restauranteurs get together to show off their regional treasures. In order for all the lands of Lavaux to get a fair chance to exhibit their goodies, the location of Lavaux Passion varies. This year, it was held in the picturesque medieval town of Lutry.

What is included in the entrance fee

Once you have paid the 30 francs entrance fee for the day (or 50 francs for the weekend), you can take your pick from the following stimulating experiences:

For the taste (palate)
- Taste luscious Lavaux wines and culinary dishes (even a Chasselas flavored ice cream), or sample one of the various food and wine pairings.
- Discovery workshops on Chasselas and Blind Tastings by the renowned Changins Wine School.
- Attend the wine tasting workshop "On the Importance of the Choice of the Wine Glass" by the Riedel Wine Glass Company.

Lavaux Passion - Lutry

About the site and culture
Hop on the wine tasting cruise with a historical overview of the region or wander along the quai admiring the stunning views of Lutry's pretty little medieval town. Have a look at the surrounding slopes covered in vines that virtually plunge into the lake.

Brain food
Listen to a thought provoking talk about the origins of the Chasselas grape variety. The speaker, José Vouillamoz, is a world-renowned specialist in the study of the DNA of grape varieties and co-author of Wine Grapes. Or finally, watch a documentary film entitled Chasselas Forever by director, Florian Burion.

Lavaux Passion - On the wine boat

And now, time to enhance your wine lingo!

Vertical tasting: Tasting one grape variety from the same producer from several vintages. For example; Merlot from 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. A vertical tasting shows the differences from year to year.

Horizontal tasting: Compares wines from the same year but from different producers. Normally, a few perimeters are put in place such as the type of grape variety, the region, and the wine style. For example, 2001 unoaked Chasselas' from Lavaux. A horizontal tasting shows the differences between wine-making styles.

If you want to learn a thing or two about wine and wine culture, then Lavaux Passion is not to be missed. See you next year! More information

Lavaux Passion - At the quai

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