You Know You’re Swiss If… (Part 1)

Switzerland is unique, there is no doubt about that. Especially for people like us who are used to the casual and easy-going lifestyle of the American Midwest... Therefore, we will be blogging periodically about how our perception on everyday situations is changing.

Part 1: Then vs. Now

Then: Wondered why we kept missing trains by one minute.
Now: Wonder what’s wrong when the train is late by one minute.

Then: Ordered beverages at restaurants based on price.
Now: Order beer because it is always cheaper than anything else.

Then: Asked for ice when ordering beverages at restaurants.
Now: Feel cheated if there is ice because there are no free refills.

Then: Worried to carry too much cash.
Now: Worry to carry less than $200 in cash.

Then: Watched DVD’s at home.
Now: Watch the latest releases on bargain Mondays when movie tickets are only $13.

Then: Showed up at the theater five minutes prior to the movie.
Now: Expect to reserve seats online a week in advance.

Then: Confused about the break halfway through the movie.
Now: Wait for the break to buy ice-cream at the concession stand.

Then: Shocked to see milk spoil within one week.
Now: Used to buying fresh milk every other day.

To be continued… In the meantime, let us know your reactions in the comments below!

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Dimitri Burkhard

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  1. Moonchild
    Moonchild says:

    Then: Carving pumpkins in October.
    Now: Carving turnips in November.

    Then: Going to dinner before going out for the evening.
    Now: Sitting in a restaurant all evening.

    Then: Normal numbers, normal addresses, normal dates.
    Now: Backwards numbers, addresses and dates.

    Then: July 4th
    Now: 1. August

    Then: Getting to the airport three hours early to get through security.
    Now: Schengen.

    Then: Hershey’s
    Now: Lindt & Sprüngli

    Then: Garbage.
    Now: Compost.

    Then: Buying vegetables at the grocery store.
    Now: Growing vegetables in the garden or buying them from the farm down the street.

    Then: Doing things because I could.
    Now: Doing things because I should.

    Then: One family home with a private yard.
    Now: Two family home, sharing a yard with the neighbors.

    Then: Shopping mall
    Now: Bahnhofstrasse

    Then: Bud
    Now: Feldschlosschen

    Then: Drive-thru banking
    Now: On-line banking

    Then: College football
    Now: Schwingen

    • dimitri
      dimitri says:

      Then: A good idea of what it means to be Swiss.
      Now: A way better idea thanks to the many creative contributions of moonchild!

      Thank you so much, and keep ’em coming!


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