Touring Club Schweiz TCS (Sponsored Video)

It is in the nature of lifestyle bloggers that we are on the road all the time.

Be it research trips to various destinations, leisure expeditions into the Swiss alps or city getaways – we are constantly on the go by train, bus, boat and car. Now, God forbid if one of us ever stumbled while hiking in South America. Or if we contracted a virus. Or if we got into an accident on Route 66.

We soon learned that bullet-proof insurance coverage is a must. What we needed was peace of mind that we would get repatriation to Switzerland from anywhere in the world in the case of an emergency. Also, a 24/7 phone number to talk to a medic in Switzerland, as well as insurance coverage of any trip cancellation costs.

The Touring Club Schweiz (TCS) promises all this and more. For instance, their Schutzbrief trip insurance also covers any car breakdowns in Switzerland and European countries. On top, TCS will cover any legal assistance abroad in case you get tangled up in a lawsuit. And in case there is a problem with the apartment or house in Switzerland, such as water damage or a break-in, TCS promises to take care of it without interrupting our vacation.

We currently have travel insurance through another provider. But since we are already members of TCS, we just found out that we can get travel insurance through them as well. Once we are up for renewal, we will surely transfer our trip insurance to TCS.

(Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by Touring Club Schweiz/TCS; feature image copyright Touring Club Schweiz/TCS)