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Swiss ROBOCAT Moves Like a Jaguar (Sponsored Video)

Swiss CatbotSwitzerland may evoke images of cheese and chocolate, but this tiny country has proven time and again to be at the forefront of science and technology.

Just recently, researchers from the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne have developed a robot that moves like a jaguar - no pun intended!

Modeled after the sleek moves of your average domestic cat, this robocat (or catbot) can move steadily on any surface - just like a real cat! It is just as fast as it is sleek with running speeds of seven times its body length in one second!

Can you imagine the variety of applications for a robocat? For one, they could replace those sweet St. Bernard dogs in avalanche rescue missions...

But why do Cats Knead?

When it comes to embedding true feline emotions in a robocat made of steel and electronic parts, no scientist will ever succeed. I am backing up my claim by the simplest yet most loving expression of kneading!

To make a point, have you ever observed a litter of kittens kneading on their mom's belly? Isn't it sweet how these tiny felines move their paws in a steady motion? Now imagine a catbot doing the same...

FELIX has compiled a trailer with the cutest instances of kneading which no catbot can ever compete with! Do you agree?

(Video sponsored by FELIX® cat food)


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