Swissair Is Back in Business (Sort of)

It is probably no coincidence that Swissair has decided to emerge from the grave right around Halloween this year. I was shocked to read that the brand name, not to be confused with Swiss Air Lines, is once again taking off.

I was equally shocked when I noticed the "rebranded" (big word) Swissair logo, decorating the tail of a Hopscotch Air plane. Quite frankly, it looks like an office admin used MS Word to "create" a new logo, which will now be used for the next three years by this private US airline.

According to a Swiss Air representative, such an agreement allows for better protection of the brand name... Looking at the horrendous new logo, however, makes me question this statement.

Courtesy of Wanken, let's take a quick trip down memory lane to see how Swissair branding has evolved over time, culminating in the 2010 Hopscotch Air version.

1930's: Early Logo

1940's: Classic Logo

1950's: Dynamic Logo

1960's - 70's: Typeface Logo

1980 - 2000: Final Logo

2010: Hopscotch Air Logo

What's your take on this? Should a brand name be franchised even if it results in the actual destruction of said brand?

(via Tages Anzeiger, Swiss Miss and Wanken)

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