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Velogemel – A Traditional Swiss Snow Bike

Velogemel Snow Bike(Picture copyright by Eiger Vision)

Just think about it: Don't the Swiss have a knack for inventing cool gadgets? Among others, they have churned out Swatch watches, the zipper or even velcro!

But wait, there's more! In comes the Velogemel, a snow bike invented some 100 years ago in Grindelwald. Located among majestic mountains, getting around swiftly during winter was enough of an issue for Christian Bühlmann to create the Velogemel.

Essentially combining the technology of a bicycle ("Velo") and a sledge ("Gemel" in local dialect), Bühlmann came up with a special wooden frame featuring two runners back in 1911.

Similar to a bicycle, this contraption can be steered using a handlebar. And on any flat stretches, the feet can be used to simply push the snow bike forward.
Velogemel Snow Bike(Picture copyright by Switzerland Wedding Company)
Still to this day, Grindelwald is hosting the annual Velogemel World Championship. Attracting Dutch, German, Japanese and local competitors, the race is traditionally kicked off on Bussalp, at the strike of noon.

Snow bikes are available for rent, so anyone can participate!

Velogemel World Championship(Picture copyright by Velogemel WM)

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